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General Price List


For your convenience, we have provided our price list in a portable document format, allowing you to download, print and share with others.  As always, please contact us if you have any questions.

General Price List

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Burial and Cremation Services Prices

What are the differences between traditional cremation and direct cremation?

Traditional Cremation Explained

Traditional cremation usually involves a viewing beforehand and then the crematory. The funeral directors who conduct this type of ceremony will often prepare the body with embalming fluids, dress it in clothes chosen by family members, and put on jewelry such as earrings or a wristwatch. They'll also fix hair and apply cosmetics to help create an "anonymous" appearance for those who may attend to view the body before the cremation process. It's also common for flowers to be placed on top of, beside, or underneath where they're placed on top of urns at the front of the funeral hoist during services.

Direct Cremation Explained

Direct cremation is the practice of cremating a deceased person without embalming or any other preparatory procedures. Direct cremation involves the services of only the funeral director to collect the deceased, transport them to a nearby hospital, and present them for cremation. The price difference comes from not having visitation in person, nor conducting a viewing before the cremation, and not providing clergy services to your loved one's casket or body. There may be a short celebration of life memorial service after two weeks following cremation, but this is usually on an optional basis at the request of you or your family members.

What are the benefits of a direct cremation?

  • Direct cremation is cheaper than a traditional funeral because it doesn't include viewing the body or any ceremonies.
  • It offers people who care little about ceremonies or what will happen to their bodies afterward, another alternative other than burial or other customary burying methods.
  • In cremation, the body is typically burned until all that's left is just a pile of ashes. This process offers a unique sense of professionalism and dignity to the individual being memorialized.
  • Get a personalized ceremony for cremated remains, you can give your loved one a dignified goodbye without all the fuss of a traditional service.

Direct Cremation Costs

Direct cremation is the least expensive option for disposing of your loved one's body, as it can avoid some very costly purchases. As it avoids purchasing an elaborate casket, body preparation, and having transportation costs associated with a funeral service. Some funeral homes may also charge less for direct cremation than they would with traditional burials or entombments because these processes require fewer materials and staff time.

Burying or entombing the cremated remains in a plot at your local cemetery is not cheap. Burial plots in cemeteries come with a variety of amenities including grave markers, opening, and closing fees charged by funeral homes upon death as well as endowment care which provide ongoing maintenance costs associated with maintaining an individual's resting place forever after it has been purchased.

How to arrange a direct cremation?

The staff at the crematory is prepared to help you with any questions or concerns regarding your loved one's final arrangements. They will handle everything from completing death certificates and transporting bodies, all while charging a nominal fee for their services! You'll find that crematory prices are much more reasonable than funeral home charges.

Planning a direct cremation can be done in many ways. You may work with your funeral home to plan out the details and have them transport the body for just their fee, as well as having them complete any paperwork that needs doing on-site or at some other location during this time.

Preparing the body for burial or cremation

Basic features of embalming

  • The purpose of embalming is to temporarily preserve the deceased so that they may remain presentable for viewing.
  • The body can be preserved for up to a week or more, depending on how its organs are treating the preservatives.
  • The process of embalming is expensive because it requires an extensive amount of preparation and post-processing.
  • Embalming may be required by some funeral homes if viewing or wake.

Religious considerations when preparing the body

It is customary for many religions to require that the body be buried soon after death, although some funeral homes will oblige if a wake or viewing takes place. Catholics must have their funeral within three days of death. To maintain religious sensibilities, it is customary to avoid embalming, and many Muslim traditions prohibit makeup or cosmetics on the person's remains.

Choosing direct burial between direct cremation?

Funeral homes will be able to refrigerate your body for you if you have a direct burial or cremation. With the body not on display and soon buried or cremated after death it will cost less than embalming. Their internment is planned very shortly after death, there's no need for embalming and other cosmetic enhancements.

Planning a memorial service

The memorial service is usually done at a funeral home, church, or location brought in by the family to serve as the venue. It is attended by friends and family members to celebrate the person's life with stories, songs, photographs, and memories. There are usually refreshments served during this time which can be catered by an outside vendor or volunteers from within your community who bring their dishes.

The cost of such an event will depend on the number attending and whether refreshments or food will be served. Many people consider conducting their memorial service at home with friends and family to be the least expensive since they already have the venue reserved and do not need fancy d├ęcor for guests. However, others may feel more comfortable with their loved ones gathered around them during difficult times and opt for the convenience that is offered by hosting it in a professional setting away from home.

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