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Traditional or Alternative Funeral and Cremation Services in Grand Junction, CO

Why honor funerary customs for the deceased?

Brown's Cremation & Funeral Service Inc. prides itself on providing superior service. We originally opened our doors in 2014 as Brown’s Cremation Service, Inc. Our goal was to offer our community a more affordable cremation option, focusing on exceptional care. Immediately after opening, however, we began receiving requests from families who wanted full funeral service options as well. We changed our name to “Brown’s Cremation and Funeral Service”, purchased and remodeled the building located at 904 N. 7th Street to accommodate full-service funerals and memorial services.

With over six years of dedicated service to the community, we continually changed, updated, renewed, and improved our facilities, services, and offerings to the families of Western Colorado. We are personally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions and fulfill your needs. Our goal at Brown's Cremation & Funeral Service is to provide you with all the options that are available at a price you can afford. You are welcome to call us at (970) 255-8888 any time of the day, any day of the week, for immediate assistance.

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When a family faces the loss of a loved one, they often look to each other, and their family traditions for solace. Family traditions are often handed down for generations

and can bring a sense of stability and reassurance to families. We believe it is important to respect the family’s traditions and to help them carry them out as part of their grieving process. That’s why all of our funeral and cremation services in Grand Junction, CO are customized to support the families we serve.  

We also honor and respect other families that do not find comfort in the old ways. These families often want to commemorate their fallen loved one in an alternative service style. They seek comfort in a more familiar way than tradition sometimes provides. This more modern way of grieving the loss of their deceased better reflects the families’ current values.

Whatever your family needs, it’s important to remember that there is no one right way to mourn the loss of a loved one. Whether your family selects a more traditional or alternative funeral service, we can help you thoughtfully plan and conduct a service that will best serve your family, while honoring the memory of your lost loved one.

How to properly plan a funeral for a deceased loved one?

It can be overwhelming to review the amount of coordination and planning that needs to occur in such a short window of time after a family death. That’s where an experienced funeral director can be an invaluable source of support. Our team of kind and caring funeral service professionals are ready to help your family in your time of need. We specialize in helping families to plan and hold funeral and cremation services in Grand Junction, CO.

Some of the common aspects that all funeral and memorial types share include event planning and logistics. For example, will the family be holding a public or private service? How many friends and family will attend? Where will the service be held? Who should speak and what should be said? Will the service be more traditional or modern? Are there any family cultural or religious elements that would add meaning to the service? Will the family lay their loved one to rest by casket burial or by cremation?

Funeral and Cremation Services in Grand Junction, CO

Brown's Cremation & Funeral Service is a full-service funeral home. Your family is our priority when it comes to planning and holding a meaningful service and caring for the remains of your loved one. That’s why we offer a variety of afterlife services to our community.

What type of funeral service to choose for a deceased loved one?

  • Cremation: Families seeking an alternative method of laying their loved one to rest may ask for this service. Cremation is a growing trend as it is more earth-friendly, and less expensive than embalmment and casket burial.

  • Cremation with a Service: After cremation of the deceased, many families may want to gather together to remember their fallen loved one. We can facilitate a memorial service and gathering at the location of your choosing. Our funeral home also has a chapel of peace that is available upon request.

  • Direct Cremation: When financial resources are limited, this option is an excellent way for a family to obtain cremation service. The deceased is removed from their place of death and transported to our facility for cremation. The ashes are then returned to the family.

  • Burial: We can provide burial services for casket or urn, as needed. Our professionals will respectfully handle all details of internment.

  • Pre-needs: Funerals can be emotional, stressful times for families. You can significantly reduce the burden of those who survive your death by preplanning and paying for your funeral well in advance of death. It is truly an act of love and kindness.

  • Funeral Services: We are well qualified to handle funeral services of all kinds. We can conduct services for many cultures and faiths. We also serve our veterans with full military burial rites.

  • Memorial Jewelry: Many families and friends appreciate owning a jewelry keepsake with a small amount of the deceased’s ashes used as material in the making of it. We work with a local master jeweler to create these precious treasures.

Brown's Cremation & Funeral Service takes great pride in serving the families of our community. Colorado is our home, and we want to help our friends and neighbors whenever called upon.

We are a fully licensed funeral home, well qualified and experienced in compassionate afterlife care. Our funeral directors and dedicated staff hold themselves to the highest ethical standards. If your family is needing funeral and cremation services in Grand Junction, CO, call or stop by our funeral home office, located at 904 N 7th St, Grand Junction, CO 81501. We can be reached by phone at (970) 255-8888.

Funeral & Cremation FAQs

Why more individuals are choosing funeral planning in advance?

  • Focus on Connection and Healing
  • Future Costs Covered at Today’s Prices
  • Flexible Payment Plans
  • Leave No Doubts
  • Coverage Guaranteed
  • Peace of Mind Ensured
  • Learn More
Why choose cremation over burial?

  • The general cost is significantly lower than burial. Cremation does not require a grave to a cemetery, headstones, and embalming. Cremation urns are a far more cost-effective way than having the deceased placed in caskets.
Why embalming is very important?

  • Embalming cleanses and disinfects the body. It also helps preserve the body for a period between death and final disposition either by cremation or burial.

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