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Tips to Choosing a Qualified Funeral and Cremation Provider in Delta, CO

Sometimes the death of someone close to us can catch us by surprise. Other times we can see it coming. Either way, it is never easy to deal with grief and loss. When death happens, many families need support to plan and prepare for a funeral or memorial service. But what is the best way to choose a funeral and cremation provider in Delta, CO that can help you with afterlife care?

Here are a handful of top tips to think about as you research which local funeral providers in your area will meet your family’s needs:

Find an Experienced Funeral Director with Full Licensure

As of this writing, the state of Colorado does not require funeral directors to be fully licensed practitioners of their profession. During your time of need, you’ll want to make sure the funeral home and supporting directors are qualified to perform the services you require of them. It has been known to occur that some providers to hire a third-party company to handle basic funeral care services. It can be expensive and may require the remains of your loved one to be carted all over the area, with services occurring in garages and in temperature environments that are not appropriate.

Here at Brown's Cremation & Funeral Service, our funeral directors are fully licensed and qualified to handle all of the services we offer, right here at our funeral home. We take great care of the deceased, performing all afterlife care with dignity. We will not betray the trust of the families we serve by disrespecting their loved one’s mortal remains in the name of commerce.

Find a Funeral Home that Can Customize Service Offerings

Every funeral or memorial service has common characteristics. However, the very best funeral homes have the ability and desire to personalize a service to meet the needs of the family, and the wishes of the deceased. The purpose of a funeral and memorial service is to gather the survivors, their friends, and families to a place where they can grieve and honor the memory of their fallen loved one. If the service is cold and unfeeling and does not reflect any of the intimate details of the person who has passed away, then what purpose has it served? It is only a stinging reminder that death has happened, and the funeral provides little comfort.

With the right funeral home, a customized funeral and cremation service in Delta, CO can become a commemoration of love and celebration for a life well lived. The service will reflect the cultural values, beliefs, and personal details of the deceased.

Identify Specific Funeral and Cremation Services in Delta, CO

You want to locate a company that can provide the services your family is specifically needing, or that have been requested by the deceased. You can obtain this by reviewing a provider’s general service offerings. For example, Here at Brown's, we can offer our patrons in the community the following services:

  • Burial: Families have the option to choose a casket burial for their lost loved one. Our staff can handle internment coordination and oversight after a funeral has occurred.

  • Direct Cremation: When financial resources are limited, or a family desires express service, a direct cremation may be a good solution. The deceased is taken from their place of death directly to the crematorium. This removes the funeral home storage and after care services from the process.

  • Cremation: This service is trending upward in popularity. Cremation is lower in cost than a traditional funeral service with embalmment and casket burial. The ashes will be returned to you for keeping or dispersal as desired.

  • Cremation with a Service: After cremation, some families and their friends still value gathering together for a memorial service of the fallen. We can facilitate this in our chapel facility.

  • Memorial Jewelry: The ashes of your loved one can be fashioned into jewelry so that you can keep a little bit of your loved one with you wherever you go.

  • Pre-needs: Give the ultimate gift of love to your family by prearranging and paying for your funeral. This generous act of kindness reduces the strain of worry and burden on those who remain.

  • Funeral Services: We can arrange and conduct viewings, funerals, and graveside services.

Brown's Cremation & Funeral Service is fully qualified to provide funeral and cremation services in Delta, CO, and the surrounding areas. We believe in compassionate caring for the families of our community in their time of need. If your family is facing the loss of a loved one and seeking professional services, we invite you to call us for a conversation with one of our qualified funeral directors. Our primary funeral home office is located at 904 N 7th St, Grand Junction, CO 81501. Call us at (970) 255-8888. We are here to serve your family.

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